what we do

There are a large number of youth within the Northern Lancaster County community that are from broken homes and in desperate need of "Jesus with skin on". R.E.A.L. Youth Ministry was formed from this need and is dedicated to to working with local Cocalico area churches, schools, community leaders, parents, and businesses partnering together to make a difference in these young peoples lives.

We can be pro-active in stopping youth violence and gangs in our neighborhood if there were someone to organize us. This is the purpose of R.E.A.L. Youth Ministry, to meet the needs of at-risk youth by providing a committed, loving, caring adult to spend time with a troubled teen a couple of hours a month. You might not think a couple hours would make a difference. But it makes a world of difference to them.

We invite you to explore our website and learn about who we are, stay informed of happenings and see how you can help us show real love to a generation who really needs the Lord!